And if the Moon goes out and if the stars go awayand the music that I invented for her falls silentMaybe this night will end, maybe its traces will be erasedMaybe this story of a beast will end without its beauty.that I’d like me not to leave you and doesn’t let me forget youAnd it doesn’t let me forget you, it doesn’t let me forget youand it doesn’t let me forget you and it doesn’t let me forget you

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i´m a girl a little shy at the first, but when u meet me more u can get more funny with me, i love the new experiencies and found more pleasure about me and the new persons

I am a girl who likes music, I love music, dance, sing (I`m not very good doing it) but I enjoy it a lot. I am motivated to see me well, feel good. I take care of my stalling, I like to go to Gym, and I really enjoy smiling.

Sometimes I feel that the distance endsIt makes me so hard to separate from your sideAnd before the world love of mine I thank youfor enduring my whims and bad times.At all times I love to please youAnd I was born to respect you, the happiest man thanYou can be with me, I’m the happiest woman so hot I am sincere and hornyAnd it loves me a lotThis is your love

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Some things about me I am a bit of an extrovert introvert. Head in the clouds, but down to earth. I`m a little bit of everything, but that`s what you`ll find out along the way, I am a passionate girl, the positions excite me, I love to fantasize about sex, like games, lingerie, roles, toys; Ever