hi babe! I’m new to f4f, but I’ve been a cam model for 5 years & I’m so excited to be on here! 5 things you should know…ready?I’m a size Queen! and I’ve named all my top 3 toys for you!(Kevin) is my Lovense Fuck machine…i like being controlled with it.my 2nd is my 9.5 bbc dildo (Djay)…love deepthroating it while i shed tears and lot’s of spit…next is my 11′ torso (Travis), love riding it while u stare at my booty bouncing up & down….i lalalooooooove all music genres! you’ll see when u hear my crazy shuffle playlist…lmk if you like what u hear.role play is my specialty! let’s get creative!

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i consider myself quite talkative,sarcast ic ,kinky and with a good sense of humor.I like maintian a cheerful atmosphere for everyone to feel comfortable with me,in which you can feel safe to share your deepest fantasies

I`m sexy, classy, naughty and fun! I`m open-minded and easy going! A multi-dimensional girl! I`m easy to talk to and great to laugh with! Come learn all my sexy secrets yourself! I`m ready to entertain your games and desires. You won`t regret it… unless you`re an ASSHOLE!

I`m Amy, a really sexy and clever girl. I have a long and tonned legs you`d like to have around you ;) I like when things get very hot to enjoy it with you :*

GORGEOUS, SWEET, SMART! Positive, ambitious, always with a big smile on and very hard to be annoyed. Life is short, why should we put into the heart the unimportant things and not just LIVE IT? Peace!✔️

The main key to have a good personal development, experts say, is to get out of what they call "comfort zone", which is the zone where a person is comfortable, since there are no challenges or discomforts that they do not know; leaving that zone implies reaching unknown lands, to look for things they do not know.Based on leaving the comfort zone, we will discuss the keys for your personal development to be optimal.

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