Im a tall and slender girl, super charming, charismatic and if you get me excited (Buzzing my interactive toy) you will find my wildest and horniest side. I have mesmerized eyes so be careful. Once I get you, you wont be able to escape from me.

It allows to be the ideal girl for you and I give you my love in return you will have my body and my love and I will love you, I want to please you and I want to staycaught in the climates and orgasm that we and I do.It ends in a total pleasure and thus be able to enjoy a magnificent evening both and make me feel very satisfied.Thus our love will be unforgettable

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Hello guys, I tell you that I had a great day during Easter, I enjoyed it with my loved ones and we went out to the beach to spend a wonderful day while we shared, we talked about how beautiful life was while we ate, we drank cocktails until we saw the day that fell and we saw the sun hiding behind the sea the night came and seeing what the sea was like at night while the waves reached the shore it was so beautiful I had never been on a beach spending a night together with my friends it was my most beautiful experience I had ever had if any day you have the opportunity to go out for a walk, camp, do it on the beach, it is very nice. I would like to continue talking to you more about my experience. I am in my connected room. You can come to me.

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Happy Belated Bunny Day Everyone!!!! I apologize for being so unreliable. I am preoccupied with packing/moving for the next couple weeks. To make things even crazier my app keeps crashing with c2c! I was so heartbroken over it tonight, I gave up. I might just cave and buy a new laptop tomorrow as well as a nice webcam. I can’t wait to show you my new "office" later on this month. I will have a new set up…including a stripper pole! Don’t give up on me yet, I promise I won’t be bootleg for much longer my loves! Sweet Dreams xxxSicily

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i am a very sensual, passionate, delicate, loving girl, but I also have my dark and hot side, things that I love in my room is that you are always flirty and horny but always show your respect and admiration for me, I like spontaneity and every day learning new things.

I am a free girl above all, who enjoys hot coffee, good books and overflowing passion. I love sunny days and speed. I always ride a motorcycle around the city enjoying skies, landscapes and new moments that invite me to dream of a better world, I study arts and letters in my free time and I finish my international business degree on the weekends, I love painting and art, I enjoy museums, exhibitions in the open field, I love to dance that’s why I love to party and share dance floors while the body frees itself from tension and stress.I have been in f4f for a little while but I hope to be an incredible model who can provide company, love and fun without limits, I love listening and being listened to, I love passionate and self-confident gentlemen, I love strong hugs, slow caresses and romantic love I am a girl who enjoys many pleasures and is always willing to explore a few more. It is delicious to live life waiting to be happy. If you want to live an adventure with me, come and play with me! ??? With Love Daphne ?

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As for sex toys, I have always been a curious girl, I love realistic dildos with soft texture and I want to start trying some themed dildos that I find visually interesting and physically enjoyable, but for now I love LOVENSE vibrators, I have several of them inside one of my favorites, I love the dynamics of my GRAVITY and being able to count on the sensation of being penetrated when it is controlled, I also love how the LUSH caresses the walls of my pussy and not to mention the clitoral stimulation of my Domi is really stimulating and fun play with pleasure when my toys are nearby and help me explode with delicious hot juices!

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