you can find in my room a nice girl , always smiling nice talker,naughty when you let me be ,a respectfull room, so please don`t use abusive words in public , i love gentlemen who i can share with ,

I assume you are really curious to find out more about me since you are reading this. Well…I will save the best part for later..when we will have some time only for us. For now I will describe myself as being a very optimistic person,very loving and smart,with a lot of desire to make you feel good

?PLEASE READ CAREFULLY:• Upon entering my room, you’ll experience a certain vibe. If it doesn’t align with what you seek, that’s completely fine.• While in my room, you may notice me engaging in lively conversations with my chatty guests. Feel free to join in, or you are welcome to leave at any time.• When you enter, you may see that I am fully clothed. It’s your choice whether we transition to a private setting for a more intimate experience.I receive numerous demands and insults, which can be overwhelming. While I have a thick skin, it’s important to remember that I am human too. How I choose to earn credits should not be a point of contention.I value genuine connections over credit acquisition. I am not here to fulfill demands for money; I seek meaningful connections where my worth is recognized beyond financial contributions.I am not the type to adhere to disrespectful requests. If you desire a "sneak peek," a small token of 10 credits is a gesture acceptable for consideration. Otherwise, kindly move on.I do not receive compensation for mere conversation, so your understanding and reciprocation of genuine connection are greatly appreciated.True intimacy is built on mutual respect and understanding, not on demands, unrealistic expectations, or bullying behavior.Let’s all respect each other’s boundaries, engage respectfully, and enjoy the platform in a way that aligns with our individual preferences.Happy interactions,xoxo Luna

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Under the cover of night,your skin against mine,hidden flames are lit,in an ardor of poetry.Whispers that shake,caresses that undress,a coming and going of desires,where time is stripped bare.Your lips find mine,in a game without end,two bodies, one heartbeat,in a carnal ecstasy.In the rhythm of passion,our souls merge,in an eternal sigh,where love calls us.

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In the darkness of the night,your skin is my universe,a map of sensationswhere every sigh is a verse.Your lips, secret red,They draw fire on my skin,and in every furtive touch,We are two in a laurel.The moon looks at us, jealous,in the ecstasy of desire,and in the dance of our bodies,we get lost without detour.A moan breaks the silence,passion ignites,and in the delivery of your body,I find my redemption.

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En la penumbra del deseo,donde el poder se revela,eres mi esclava, yo tu amo,en este juego que nos cela.Tus munecas atadas, suaves,la seda acaricia tu piel,y en el silencio de la noche,eres mia, mi dulce laurel.Tu cuerpo se arquea, suplica,bajo mi toque firme y certero,y en el dominio de este juego,se desata el placer entero.El latigo marca su rastro,un susurro de piel y ardor,y en cada orden que te impongo,se enciende mas nuestro fervor.Tus gemidos, musica oscura,en la danza de poder y pasion,somos amo y esclava unidos,en este vinculo de devocion.

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